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Swimtastic Swim School has combined with SwimLabs Swim School in one facility to offer a complete array of services. The Swimtastic focus on learn to swim classes complements SwimLabs’ attention to competitive swimmers and triathletes. Between the pool and the tanks, we cover every topic from basic safety to elite racing technique, accommodating swimmers of all ages and abilities. With the combination of Swimtastic and SwimLabs, we take our families from “learn to swim” to “swim to win!” Learn more about SwimLabs here.

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                         Monthly Pricing

Group Lessons

(Adult Lessons Available)

Swimtastic offers semi-private lessons for summer league swimmers, club swimmers, age group swimmers, competitive swimmers, masters swimmers, fitness swimmers and more!

Group Lessons - $80 monthly*
For beginners to advanced levels. Max 4:1 student teacher ratio.

ParentTot - $75 monthly*
For ages 6 months to 3 years. Max 6:1 student teach ratio. A parent must be in the water.

Toddler Transition - $90 monthly*
For ages 2.5 to 3 years. Max 3:1 student teacher ratio.

Discounts available for multiple children and booking additional classes. Ask us for details!

* Actual monthly bill is based on lessons provided each month. The average monthly price for a once per week Group class is $80 (4 weeks of classes at $20 per class). The monthly billing amount will vary based on the number of weeks (or lessons) provided in the calendar month.

Semi-Private Lessons

(Adult Lessons Available)

Semi-Private Lessons - $120.00 monthly*
Customized attention for two swimmers. Must provide both swimmers. Please call us to find the perfect day and time to fit your schedule!

Private Lessons

(Special Needs and Adult Lessons Available)

Private Lessons - $240 monthly*
Customized one on one attention. Please call us to find the perfect day and time to fit your schedule!

Birthday Party Info

Here is what we offer:
  • 20 Invites
  • Paper Products for up to 50 people
  • 20 kid swimmers
  • 30 adults (total of 50 people)
  • $325 for 2 hours of the building

SwimLabs Lessons Available

For more information regarding video analysis lessons at the SwimLabs within our facility click here or call (262) 201-0502.

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Local Programs

What SwimLabs Offers for Competitive Swimmers:

Private Lessons

Semi-Private Lessons

Starts and Turns Clinics

Team Nights


Meet the Team

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Kathryn (Katie) Brothen – Owner/GM
Katie fully believes that swimming is a life skill! She began swim team at the age of 6 and the love for the pool hasn’t stopped. As a mother of 4 daughters she knows it is critical to ensure their safety and joy in and around water. After trying to find accessible classes with great instructors and curriculum, she learned that there is a true market need in the Kenosha area.  Seeing that need – she took a leap from her successful 17 year medical device marketing career to bring Swimtastic SwimLabs to the Kenosha market.  The best-in-class learn to swim curriculum coupled with the differentiated elite stroke analysis in the flow tanks solidified her passion to bring this to life locally!

Screen Shot 2019-01-22 at 2.34.14 PM

Chuck Vena – Assistant Operations Director
Chuck married Katie Brothen in July of 2018 and loved the idea of opening a local swim school as soon as he heard of the concept. As a lifelong Kenosha resident, he’s excited to bring this innovative school to the area for both kids and the competitive athlete. Hosting friends in their backyard pool, they have seen how quickly children who are being actively supervised can end up in the water unexpectedly. From birthday pool parties, Spring Break family vacations, to supporting community triathletes - he has seen how entire families can benefit from this facility. 

Whitney Stoner Pic CloseWhitney Stoner – Assistant General Manager

Whitney is a high energy, details, and system loving guru. Her keen attention to detail makes the customer experience one of the best. She brings over 5 years of customer service experience to Swimtastic and SwimLabs. 

She is a mom to two amazing little girls and knows what a vital life skill teaching swimming is to them. She began swimming at the age of 7 and swam breaststroke and backstroke and can’t wait to see if her daughters follow in her footsteps.

Jada Myers- InstructorJada Myers - Instructor

Jada has been swimming for almost her whole life, beginning swim lessons at the age of 3. Beginning at age 12, her teachers began to use her as an aid, and she’s been teaching and lifeguarding ever since. This gives her around 7 years of experience, even though she’s only 19. Jada also teaches at an afterschool program at a local elementary school, coaches swimming through the Kenosha branch of Special Olympics, and has experience teaching special needs and private lessons to people of all ages. Jada loves building connections and believes that having a good time and learning are complementary. She understands the importance of water safety, and is excited to bring her passion, knowledge, and experience to SwimLabs to help others grow and learn the same way she did!

Michael SMichael Steplyk - Instructor

Michael is a very active person who always enjoyed being in the water and believes that swimming is a skill that everyone should have. Michael was part of his varsity high school swim team swimming freestyle and backstroke also a 2-time state competitor for diving as well as experience on a collegiate dive team. Michael is currently a junior at the University of Wisconsin Whitewater studying to become an exercise physiologist.  He is a very patient and compassionate person who is always willing to help to the best of his abilities. Michael is very excited to start teaching and helping kids learn an important life skill.


Kaytlin JolicoeurKaytlin Jolicoeur - Instructor

Kaytlin has been swimming for most of her life. When she was younger, she took swimming lessons and immediately fell in love with the pool. She continued to swim throughout her childhood, and once she hit high school she knew she had to compete. She swam on her High School’s competitive team for two years and loved every minute of it. She is currently preparing for her freshman year at Carthage College and is planning on swimming for their competitive team as well. Working at Swimtastic she hopes to help kids find the same love for swimming that she had when she was younger and to teach kids the importance of learning how to swim.




Maren Hoferitza-Palermo

Maren Hoferitza-Palmero - Instructor

Maren has been competitively swimming since around 10 years old. Even at a young age, she spent time teaching her younger siblings to love the water. She was the captain of her high school swim team and swam at state with her team 3 years in a row. Currently, Maren is studying to become a nurse at Herzing University. She hopes to give children a positive experience in the pool, teach them skills they can use throughout their lives, and inspire them to keep with their new hobby! 




Sarah HirschmannSarah Hirschmann - Instructor

Sarah started swimming lessons when she was 4 years old and continued swim lessons or teams switching off until the age of 14. Swimming has always been a huge aspect of her life and she believes it is a valuable skill. Sarah has a history of working with kids with special needs, including playing on a baseball team and being in after school clubs to hang out with kids with disabilities. She is always the babysitter in her family and has many years of experience handling kids. She enjoys being around kids just as much as they enjoy being around her! Sarah has been very interested in sports her entire life, but softball and swimming have always been her main sports. She's very reliable, determined and passionate in everything she does. Being 17 years old, she knows swimming has a place in her life going forward. Whatever her future holds, she’s positive water will be involved! 



margaret Hoover - KenoshaMargaret Hoover - Instructor

I started swimming at the age of ten for Zion Dolphins. I swam competitively for the Dolphins from the age of 10 - 15. In 2010 I attended Indian Trailhead High Shcool and swam through high school and became captain of the women's team. I graduated in 2014 and attended the University of Steven's Point from 2014-2018.  I swam all 4 years of college and became one of the top sprinters for the University. I swam 50 free and 100 free.  In my fifth year at college, I became the strength and conditioning coach for UWSP Men's and Women's Swimming and Diving Team. Over the years, swimming has positively impacted my life and has given me life long friendships. By working as an instructor at Swimtastic and SwimLabs I have seen the confidence grow in children and seeing their faces light up once they complete a skill is like nothing else. I truly believe swimming has countless benefits for individuals of all ages!


Alex Kenosha

Alex Clark - Instructor


Alex is an upbeat, enthusiastic instructor with many years of teaching experience in the pool. She began teaching young swimmers while she was in high school and continued to teach throughout college and after! Even though Alex prefers to be on the teaching side of swimming, she has finished two triathlons and loves to swim and stay active in her spare time. Currently, Alex is applying to grad programs with hopes to find a career in medicine or education. She hopes to give students a fun-filled swimming experience where they can learn to be safe and become great swimmers! 


Tswift - kenoshaTaylor Swift - lifeguard


I have been swimming for as long as I can remember.  I started swimming lessons at age 6 and continued for 6 years. I also ran track for 6 years and enjoyed many other sports. I'm the youngest out of 5, and an aunt to many nieces and nephews so I love being around children! I have always valued safe swimming and spend time with each of my nieces and nephews teaching them how to swim as it has brought me many great experiences.   I enjoy working with children and look forward to my role as a lifeguard!




Drew - Instructor

Growing up in Eastern Iowa, Drew jumped (literally!) at every chance to be in a pool. He started swim team in middle school continuing to swim competitively through high school. He spent time helping at the local rec center and over the summers as a camp counselor. Drew has spent summers working at Boy Scout camps working as Pool and Waterfront Instructor, and most recently as Aquatic Director overseeing two pools and a lake. Drew has enjoyed his time at summer camps teaching safety and swimming skills to youth and adult campers. Being in a high energy environment with hard-working people suits him well. Drew is new to the area, having moved here recently with his wife, Dani, and their two cats, Sparks and Padme.



Kenosha_staffMary - Instructor

Starting from a  young age Mary has always gravitated towards the water and taken any chance she could to hop in. She started lessons at 4 years old which sparked her love for the pool.  She grew up participating in countless sports and found a passion for running on her school track team. She'sbeen running n her varsity track team for 5 years throughout middle and highschool whole incorporating swimming and various other activities into her training. Mary Believes that swimming is a crucial life skill that everybody should have.  Siwmmingopens up another world of opportunity for people of all ages and abilities. She's looking forward to sharing her passion and knowledge with students and watch them develop into amazing swimmers.