Testimonials & reviews   

Fox Cities, Wisconsin

"Thank you Swimtastic for having a great program that is built to help young children learn how to swim and all while having a fantastic & fun time doing it. I started with Swimtastic with my first daughter when she was 8 months old; she loved being in the water with Mommy and the instructors have always been great.

We now have 4 young girls in the year long program and they love it. Whenever we mention its "swimming time", they all jump up and get their suits on and can't wait to learn something new.

I like that Swimtastic has a program that runs the whole year through and not just for the summer. They look forward to lessons every week which keeps them "fresh" with the lessons they learn. I absolutely LOVE that the swim classes are limited to no more than 4 students per class.

The swim instructor is in the water w/ the children and is able to give direct education to each and every child during their swimming lesson which is very different than a lot of the other swimming lessons that are available during the summertime. That has made all the difference in the world for our children.

No child is left without direct contact with the instructor to learn the correct way of doing the strokes and amazingly they are learning all the strokes. I truly watch in amazement with how quickly all my girls have learned the aspects of swimming. I see my 7 and 5 year old swimming in the lap lane better than most adults can, it blows me away.

The instructors are patient, kind, and attentive to each student. They nudge the kids to go beyond what the child may think they can but its always done in an incredibly safe manner. My girls' confidence has grown from what they have been able to achieve in the water at Swimtastic and they carry that with them outside the water in life.

(Oh and on a fun note, bath time became so much easier to deal with believe it or not once the girls got in swimming lessons at Swimtastic...so THANK YOU for that unexpected blessing, its less stressful trying to wash their hair out while "water is in my face"!)

I know there are many that may think the option to go to Swimtastic for swimming lessons is more expensive than the "other programs" out there, but believe me, you get what you pay for! Our kids have made unbelievable strides compared to those children that have been grouped in large classes to learn and they don't usually have those programs built for one on one interaction with the instructor during the session.

My kids are not afraid of the water, they love to go to lessons and they keep building on quickly and have advance rather quickly to the next level. Swimtastic has been awesome for our children! We recommend them to everyone we know!"


- Stacie Patchett