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Fox Cities, Wisconsin


I wanted to reach out to you to let you know how amazing I think Swimtastic is. Both of my children (now 3 and 1) started with Swimtastic at 6 months old. My daughter (now 3) is starting to swim independently. During the summer, we spend a lot of time at my parent's cottage which is right on a lake. We have no concerns about my daughter around the water. She wears a life vest and is so smart about water safety. She loves to jump off the pier, and has no fear of the water.

My son started swim lessons at 6 months with Swimtastic and was very hesitant. After a few lessons he was loving the water and was eager to be at each swim lesson. He absolutely loves swimming under water and recently began swimming under water for a few seconds with no one holding him. He turned 1 two weeks ago.

Because we are around water so much in the summer, there was no question that the kids needed to learn how to be safe and comfortable around the water. Swimtastic has surpassed my expectations. I never would have imagined that my 3 year old would be swimming independently and that my one year old would love to swim under water. I would recommend Swimtastic to anyone. I strongly believe that getting kids into the water at a young age is so beneficial!

Thank you to all that Swimtastic has done for us. I look forward to many more years :)"

- Cindy Gioffredi