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Fox Cities, Wisconsin

"I have to say, right off the bat, that when the party ended I knew that I was going to sit down & take the time out of my busy week to write about how AMAZING Erica & Leslie were! I have never written a 'review' before so bare with me.

Right when we walked through the door we were greeted with smiling faces & GREAT hospitality. Erica asked immediately if she could help carry anything in from our vehicle and made sure that we knew that if we needed anything at all that she would oblige. I have to tell you that of all the 9 years of parties we have had, I have NEVER felt so relaxed!

It was how a party should be (my opinion anyway.) Erica & Leslie had everything set up that I needed before I even had to ask them to do it for me. They were not just obliging to MY needs but also to the needs of my adult GUESTS. And that was VERY much appreciated.

Having to take care of the party kids & the parents has always been hard for me at parties. So, it was nice that this year I didn't have to do either & I was able to leave it all to Erica & Leslie. Leslie was just as caring and hospitable as Erica was. She let me know right away also that anything I needed her to do she would do for me.

She was so gentle & kind to all of the children there but there was one child with ADHD that attended the party that really took to Leslie. He has always been afraid of EVERYTHING and had never been swimming in a pool before. He had been scared to go down the slide but also wanted to try it very badly, so Leslie offered to take him down & he LOVED it so very much! He was so happy that Leslie helped him over his fear that he talks about 'the girl who helped him' all of the time now.

After that she just had to hold his hand a few times & he was fine going down by himself. His Grandma was so excited that she called his mom right away & told her what he had accomplished with Leslie's help. We were all very SURPRISED!! Leslie made sure everyone was kept safe & happy & everyone just LOVED her to death from the moment we met her.

I recommended to my minister that we have a Church Party there & he approved!

I just want to say THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to Leslie & Erica for all of their hard work & kindness! And thank you also, for cleaning up that HORRIFIC mess (with a smile on your face) that the kids tracked all over the floor!! You both did a PHENOMENAL job!!!

We will definitely have more parties at Swimtastics as long as Leslie & Erica are the hosts!! THANK YOU SO MUCH AGAIN!! It was a GREAT day!!!"


- Tara Domer