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Omaha, Nebraska

"My daughter received swimming lessons from Swimtastics as a gift when she was a baby. She started her first class at 6-months old and hasn't looked back! She is such a strong swimmer now at the age of 5! One of her happiest moments this last summer was when she was able to pass a swimming test given to her by Omaha city lifeguards so that she could swim in the deep end of the public pool.

My son, who is 2, has also taken swimming lessons at Swimtastics since he was 6-months old and is also already an excellent swimmer.

It gives me such a peace of mind to know that my kids know how to be safe in the water. The staff at Swimtastics has always been great and we have never had a teacher there who wasn't fantastic.

I would recommend Swimtastics to any parent in Omaha."

- Megan Edwards