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Brand Partners

At Swimtastic we are proud to partner with some of the best swim brands and people in the business.

Missy Franklin

Missy Franklin, Olympic Champion, professional swimmer, and USA Swimming Foundation Ambassador, to enhance opportunities for children to learn to swim on a global scale and grow the brand family.

Missy Franklin plays an integral role in helping Swimtastic continue to evolve its innovative and effective teaching methods for kids. Swimtastic’s curriculum is built around proprietary teaching methods based on the learnings from teaching more than 12 million swimming lessons. Using this model as a base, Franklin focused on enhancing the elements of the curriculum focused on competitive swim technique and also on developing additional ways for kids to learn to love the water.

“From the moment Swimtastic approached me to join their team, I felt it was a great fit. The commitment we both have to create opportunities for kids to learn to love to swim resonates deeply with me. Swimming has given me a platform to help others feel pride, confidence, and personal achievement. My partnership with Swimtastic will allow me to expand my ability to do just that by reaching families around the globe.”

Missy Franklin, Brand Partner, World Record Holder, & Five-time Olympic Gold Medalist

“We are absolutely ecstatic about our partnership with Missy. Not only does she have a world-class swimming resume, but her personal mission to develop new outlets for children to learn how to swim and learn to love the water is directly in line with what we are about at Swimtastic. Her integrity, commitment to family and personal values speak for themselves. She is the perfect fit to help us continue to develop fantastic ways to help kids and create new swim school outlets around the world.”

Matt Lane, Co-Founder of Streamline Brands

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