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Fox Cities Kids Pool Party

Our Fox Cities pool parties are the best way to celebrate any occasion. Whether it's a birthday pool party, end of season party for the team, Scout party, or any other reason to have a great time, you will have a blast by celebrating it with a Swimtastic swim party. 

Your swim party will include time in our 90 degree pool (with a lifeguard of course) and time in our party area to celebrate with treats of your choice. Plus, you will have a dedicated party host to help you every step of the way from planning to setting up and taking care of the cleanup. We make hosting a kids pool party event easy and hassle-free. 

We offer a variety of swim party packages and are here to help you plan the best pool party for kids. We promise this party will not be a belly flop!

Swim party water safety is our top priority

We know about water safety and we are sure to take all precautions at your swim party. All of our swim parties include a certified lifeguard plus a quick swim skill test for each kiddo so we know every swimmer’s ability. Don’t worry, we make the swim skill test a fun activity as we enter the pool and swimmers of all abilities are welcome. If any of the guests don’t quite make our water safety skill requirements, we will outfit them with a lifejacket or a parent buddy. It might be a kids pool party, but parents often have just as much fun in our warm water pool.


Birthday Parties

Birthday parties should never be a belly flop! We have several packages available - call us to plan a celebration, and we promise it will be a fantastic time!

The Swimtastic Fox Cities Swim Party experience

At Swimtastic Fox Cities, our warm water, family-friendly pools make every party enjoyable for all of your guests. Check out our party offerings below: 

Bubbles of Fun $275.00

  • 1 hour private use of our 90-degree pool followed by 1 hour in the party room.
  • Includes 15 kids 
  • You can have as many adults as you would like up to our capacity which is 50 people total
  • Your own party host 
Private Party $340.00
  • 2 hours can be spent between pool room and party room.
  • Includes up to 50 people.
*All Parties include a lifeguard on duty, free t-shirt for the birthday child, and plain white paper products. You can bring in any food or drink you would like!
Our swim parties are sure to be a hit but if you feel that your child isn’t quite ready for a swim party yet our weekly swim classes are a great way to improve their swimming skills. We want to empower every child to feel comfortable and safe around the water so they are ready to make a lifetime of memories in and around the water.  
We offer parties on Saturdays and Sunday afternoons. Call us today to learn more or book your swim party!
Book a Swim Party


325,000+ Kids

now have the life skill and know the joy of swimming

Proven Curriculum

developed by world class and Olympic champions

12 Million+ Lessons

taught by passionate, Certified Instructors


John S.

“The class size is small, and my son gets the one on one attention he needs to learn.”

Olivia H.

“My daughter didn't want to leave and kept talking about her lesson the whole weekend long!”

Kelsey S.

“The teachers are wonderful and the facilities are clean and welcoming.”


  • Infant & Toddler Swim Lessons
  • Children’s Swim Lessons
  • Adult Swim Lessons
  • Private Swim Lessons
  • Adaptive Aquatics
  • Swim Camps & Clinics
  • Swim Team Prep
  • Family Open Swim
  • Water Fitness
Infant & Toddler Swim Lessons

Infant & Toddler Swim Lessons

We offer infant swim and toddler lessons as early as 4 months of age to help build confidence and get your child comfortable in the water. In our ParentTot classes, parent-child combos bond with their kiddos while teaching the foundation of vital water safety skills like breath control, floating and kicking in a warm water environment. Our Toddler Transition class is focused on teaching water safety skills while transitioning the swimmer to learn independently of mom and dad.

Children’s Swim Lessons

Children’s Swim Lessons

We have swimming lessons for children of all ages and levels. Whether your child is just starting to get comfortable in the water or moving on to more advanced techniques we have you covered. Our progressive curriculum of beginner level classes all the way up to our advanced level classes will help take your child from bubbles to butterfly®. We offer a variety of class types from small group classes featuring a 4:1 student to teacher ratio to semi-private and private lessons.

Adult Swim Lessons


Whether you are just starting out, overcoming a fear of water or a more advanced swimmer our program gives adult swimmers at every level the opportunity to improve their skills.  We offer a variety of class types from small group classes for adults of similar skill levels to semi-private and private lessons. It’s never too late to learn the life saving skill of swimming. Jump-in, our water is warm!

Private Swim Lessons

Private Swim Lessons

At Swimtastic our private swim lessons allow adults and children of all ages and levels to progress through our curriculum at their own pace with one of our certified swim teachers. Each 30 minute class will be customized around mastering the skills to become a better, stronger, and safer swimmer. 

Adaptive Aquatics

Adaptive Aquatics

At Swimtastic Swim School we have a team of certified teachers with various training and experience in working with students with special and unique needs. We know swimming is a critical life saving skill and being in the water has so many positive benefits. From developing a sense of confidence and independence to soothing sensory overload and giving swimmers a feeling of weightlessness and relief from physical discomfort, there are so many benefits to swimming. Prior to starting lessons we encourage families to meet with our team to discuss your student’s goals and develop a customized teaching plan based on our curriculum to build a swim experience that is best for your swimmer.

Swim Camps & Clinics

Swim Camps & Clinics

Our swim camps are perfect for students looking for a shorter, more intensive program outside of their weekly lessons. Our camps are usually condensed into 1, 2 or 3 week sessions where swimmers join us multiple times a week to focus on improving swim skills at a faster pace. This is a perfect program to jump start your swimmers skills and fill your spring break and summer break with our favorite activity … swimming!

Swim Team Prep

Swim Team Prep

Ready for more? Our Swim Team Prep classes focus on improving endurance, strength and stroke technique for swimmers that want to refine their swimming skills. Classes include a set workout with an out of water coach whose primary goal is to mimic the experience one would have on a recreational swim team. Our Swim Team Prep program is for kids who are wanting to join a swim team in the future or who just love the sport of swimming and want to continue on as their form of exercise.

Family Open Swim

Family Open Swim

Our family open swim is a great time to practice swimming skills outside of lessons and have fun with the family. Our warm-water pools make for a great way to spend the day splashing around and staying active. We can’t think of a better family activity!

Water Fitness

Water Fitness

Our water aerobic classes are designed to condition the entire body while increasing flexibility, core strength, balance and stability. Perfect for kids, adults, swimmers, non-swimmers & athletes of all ages that are looking for a good way to stay in shape and have fun while doing it.