Swimtastic Swim School has taught thousands of children to love the water. Our teachers are CPR-certified, have completed a comprehensive 30-hour training program and have years of experience matching kids with just the right classes.

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Professional TeachersSwim Baby (Age: 6 mo - 2 yrs)

A parent and child swimming lesson designed for the little swimmer, where parents experience bonding time. A gentle and loving approach teaches students water adjustment, water safety skills and swim skills at their own pace. Swimtastic Swim School Corporation is trained in infant and toddler swimming by the United States Swim School Association.

Swimtastic Swim Baby (Age: 6 mo - 2 yrs)

A parent and child class for infants and toddlers up to 2 years old already swimming 3 feet. Introduces independent breathing and a variety of new water and safety skills.

Professional TeachersSwim Toddler (Age: 2)

A water adjustment class designed especially for 2-year-olds that develops swimming skills and enhances independence. (Parental assistance may be requested.)

Swimtastic Swim Toddler (Age: 2)

Swimming lessons for children swimming 3 feet independently. Students increase swimming distance and learn advanced breathing skills while learning to love the water.

Professional TeachersSwim Tot (Age: 3)

A water adjustment class for children that captures their imagination by incorporating TLC and daily life activities through the use of creative play, songs and themes.

Swimtastic Swim Tot (Age: 3)

Swimming lessons for children who are already moving independently through the water 3 feet. Introduces independent breathing and a variety of new water and safety skills while incorporating games, themes and songs.

Professional TeachersSwim Tyke (Age: 4 & 5)

A water adjustment class for children who are not swimming independently. A gentle approach is used which incorporates creative play, songs and daily-life activities to make learning to swim fun.

Swimtastic Swim Tyke I (Age: 4 & 5)

Swimming lessons for children who are already swimming 3 feet independently and ready to learn breathing skills.

Swimtastic Swim Tyke II (Age: 4 & 5)

An advanced swim class for children who can swim 5 feet independently, featuring advanced breathing and swim techniques.

Professional TeachersSwim Kid (Age: 6+)

Swimming lessons for children who are swimming less than 10 feet independently. Introduces floating and beginner swim skills in a relaxed environment at the child's own emotional and developmental level.

Swimtastc Swim Kid (Age: 6+)

Swim lessons for children who are already swimming at least 10 feet. Introduces side breathing, backstroke skills and encourages greater swimming distances.

Professional TeachersSwim Child

Swim class for children who are already swimming at least 25 feet using breathing techniques. Practices more advanced stroke techniques and water safety skills.

Swimtastic Swim Child

Swim lessons for children who are already swimming at least 100 feet. Refines technique and introduces more advanced strokes while developing endurance.

Professional TeachersSwimmer

Swimming lessons that perfects the swimmer's strokes and refines the butterfly, breaststroke and sidestroke.

Swimtastic Swimmer

Swimming lessons for the swimming student designed to achieve maximum swimming performance and enhance endurance.

Professional TeachersRecreational Swim Team

A non-competitive option for children advancing more rapidly through Swimtastic's programs. Focuses on self-improvement and engages in advanced drills, stroke technique and fun in a team atmosphere.

Adult Swim Lessons

Adult swim lessons are available for adults of any age, skill, or experience level. From fear of water, to mildly novice, to in-depth training; Swimtastic is here to make you feel at home. Adult swim lessons are typically held as a private, one-on-one swim lessons specifically catered to your current skill level and desired goal.