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Wednesday, March 08, 2023 by Jenna Kelland


It may be a tried and tested parent hack, but it certainly works: "Upset kid? Just add water!" 

Playing in the water as a toddler, splashing in a shallow pool, or even climbing in the shower work wonders for parents and caregivers whose kids are angry, sad, dysregulated, or overstimulated. There is a certain restoration and reset that comes with frolicking in the water. 

Adding swimming lessons to your child's extra mural activities is highly recommended by many who endorse swimming lessons as a survival skill. Plus, we know you love it because it offers developmental and physical benefits for your little learner. But perhaps one of the most glorious perks is that your kid will LOVE it. 

6 Reasons Your Kids Will LOVE Swim Lessons

Swimming lessons are essential for survival, but your child's enjoyment is vital to success. Let's dive into the fun reasons why kids love swim lessons.

1. It Makes Them Truly Happy (And Less Stressed)

Active children are better equipped to deal with stress. Researchers have found that cortisol (stress hormone) levels were substantially lower in children with higher activity levels. With regular activity, children gain coping skills to deal with anxiety and depression. The result: Better confidence, joy, and self-esteem! Stand proud little one...and then jump into that pool!

2. Swimming Engages Their Senses

Of the seven senses, swimming engages five of them! 

  • Sight
  • Touch
  • Hearing
  • Vestibular (movement - such as balance)
  • Proprioception (body position)

Your child loves exploring new things. Sensory play encourages their motor skills and problem-solving skills. Knowledge is power!

3. It Helps Them to Switch off

Children learn all day! Swimming allows them to put the maths methods, letter characters, or building blocks aside and engage in a different environment. Even though coaches structure swimming lessons, there is still fun to be had. Plus, once they know the essential tools for water safety, their water play can be free and loose in another environment - like a pool party. Free play fuels their imagination.

4. It Boosts Confidence with Friends

Group swim lessons may initially intimidate introverted children, but after time, your child will come out of their bubble. Children learn social cues, understanding, communication, listening, and more through socialization. Once they build that confidence, you'll see this impact in other areas of their life - school, parties, and family settings. 

5. They Get to Play with You!

When people ask when to start swim lessons, they're often pleasantly surprised to find that there are benefits to starting a swim program from as young as six months old. During this season, caregivers participate in classes with their babies for support and encouragement. When parents play and engage with their children, the outcome is a closer bond, resolved conflict, and deeper learning. 

A parent's value is still important for older kids, even if you sit on the sideline during their swim lessons. Making eye contact, visually encouraging your child with gestures, and being present in your observation will grow the relationship bond.

6. They Reach Their Potential - And THAT Feels Good!

"Let us see you blow bubbles."

"Can you put your whole face under the water?"

"Kick those legs and see how you go!"

"Can you swim to the other side?"

"Let's see your best try at Butterfly stroke."

"You've beat your best time!"

For every step of your child's swim learning journey, they reach milestones. New goals are set, and then they reach those. Every time they master a new skill, their confidence builds. Swim lessons and goal setting will give kids the joy of accomplishment and pride. 

Smiling Faces at Swim Lessons

Not all kids love swimming lessons immediately, but encouraging water play exposure from a young age can help them eventually find their flippers when it comes to swimming lessons. Slowly that smile, and their confidence, will grow!

So if your kid is acting up today, remember, "just add water" and sign them up for swim school. They'll love it!

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