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Saturday, April 09, 2016 by Admin

Small Group vs. Private Lessons

Private, small group or semi-private swim lessons: what’s best for my child? Which will allow for the fastest progression? What about social interaction? These are all common questions when considering which lesson format to choose. All three formats are highly effective and each offers their own unique advantages. The following is a break-down of the differences between private, group and semi-private lessons that will aid in deciding which format to choose when enrolling in your next semester.


Small Group Lessons:

  • Being around peers often pushes kids to work harder. Kids like to compete to be the best. This type of positive peer pressure can help make lessons more effective for many children.
  • Provides social interaction. Social skills will continue to develop; including taking turns and peer-to-peer relations.
  • Allows a child to rest between activities and have fun in the water.
  • Small group lessons are the most cost effective form of swim lessons.


Private Lessons:

  • For students struggling with group lessons; having fears or anxiety towards the water, private lessons will provide more attention to help overcome this.
  • Potential for faster progression due to individual attention.
  • Allows the lesson to become more focused on individual needs. When the student is struggling with a particular skill extra time can be spent on perfecting it.
  • Perfect for children with special needs requiring a customized program.
  • Students that are timid around others will find the private environment less threatening. 
  • Allows a student to form a stronger bond with the instructor.


Semi-Private Lessons:

  • This format incorporates the best of both worlds combines the individual attention of private lessons and the peer interaction of small group lessons.  
  • Great for close friends or families with multiple children at similar skill levels.


Each student’s needs are different from the next and the ideal format will vary for each person. For help deciding which format is best for your child, feel free to give us a call at 888-549-SWIM (7946), we're here to help!


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