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Wednesday, July 26, 2017 by Amanda Erickson

Swimtastic is All About Relationships: Do You Know What the Teachers Think?

Swimtastic is All About Relationships:
Do You Know What the Teachers Think?

When you think of Swimtastic what comes to mind? Do you just think of swim lessons or another stop in your busy week? From our customers' view, it is a neat place to take your kids for swim lessons. This is where your kids are going to learn to swim. This is the place where they are going to get over their fear of water. But, have you seen the other side of it? Do you know what the teachers think and how much they are really a part of your kids' lives, or even how much your kids have impacted us? Swimtastic is all about building healthy relationships - with the community, with the water and swimming, with one another, and among ourselves. Those relationships start with your kids but they are also a huge part of supporting the school's friendly, family atmosphere.

Swimtastic_Swim_School_2.jpgI'll start by explaining how much the relationships with your kids matter to us. As teachers, we build a bond with them. We want them to trust us and to be comfortable with us as teachers. We want to help your kids conquer any fears or worry they may have. I personally go home and wonder did I teach my kids at my best? Did my kids learn anything from me today? Are they understanding my teaching style? Teaching kids has taught me so much about others and how I interact with people. I catch myself thinking and worrying about my kids a lot. So we as teachers do desire positive relationships with our kids. We desire feedback from you as parents to better equip us to create the best experience for your kids. It breaks my heart when kids are fearful of water or even if I hurt their feelings on accident. Your children are a huge part of my life.


Next, we are on to the relationships among the staff. Have you ever noticed when you're having a bad day it affects everyone around you? Have you noticed if you are having several bad days and complaining that it affects relationships that you have with people? I have heard for many years that work is work and home is home; Leaving bad days at the door when you get to work is actually for the best. No matter what is going on in my life I need to have a smile on my face at work for my kids and coworkers. Our relationships with our coworkers determines if work is going to be easy or difficult. Yes, Swimtastic is all about the kids but you don't want to be your coworkers' enemy. Being a positive force in people's lives is definitely something I am still practicing but I can start with the people I see and interact with on a daily basis. Going to work shouldn't be dreadful especially if it is something you love doing. If your profession is something you love, strive to be the best. Don't get too comfortable where you are not doing your job, but don't get too uptight or needy to the point that no one wants to work with you. Find that happy medium where you're a blessing to others.

Swimtastic has been a huge positive blessing in my life. This job has definitely taught me a ton. I have learned patience, loving others, kindness, being humble amongst my coworkers, and be ready to be a listening ear versus being the one that needs it. I have struggled to go to work on some days but that is because I didn't know how important relationships actually were. Swimtastic has taught me the importance of encouraging and cultivating positive relationships. Working for Swimtastic has been one of the best decisions I have made and I absolutely love it. No matter what you do in life make sure you are building relationships with people along the way!! So if you're ever wondering if Swimtastic is a great place to work: The answer will be yes!! I absolutely do love my job!! - Amanda Erickson

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