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Wednesday, July 20, 2016 by Noelle Kanitz

Staff Series #1: Overheard at Swimtastic

Staff Series is a new series of blog posts from the Franklin location focusing on the staff members and their experiences with their students. Stay tuned each month for a new entry!

This month’s topic: What is the most memorable thing a child has said to you at Swimtastic?

Instructors see many students every day, and they’ve always got something to say. The kids never fail to put a smile on their teachers’ faces! Do you ever wonder what some of those chatterboxes are saying in the pool? We’ve got you covered. Here are some amusing remarks made by some kiddos supplied by some of our swim instructors at our Franklin Swimtastic location:swim030.jpg


Mr. Brandon:
My favorite memorable quote was from a five year old student. As the student was swimming, they stopped dead in their tracks and yelled “Mr. Brandon!! I love you!!!” I started laughing right there in the pool!

Ms. Grace:
A student said to me, “Ms. Grace, have you ever been to a store that doesn’t play music?”

Ms. Ashley:
One of my students said, “I’m going to be an underwater astronaut!”

Ms. Heather:
I have a few:

One of my students told me they loved me 30 times in 30 minutes.

I have a student that no matter what, the first thing that he says to me is “you look beautiful.”

I told one of my RST (recreational swim team) students to pop a squat (as in to sit down), and he looks at me and starts doing actual squats!

Ms. Danielle:
One of my students said to me: “Ms. Danielle, did you know you’re a gray alien? Because you have big eyes (since I wear glasses) and you’re really pale like one and of course because you’re always slimey (since I’m in the water!)”

This conversation happened between me and a student the other day:

Student: Hey, I went to the zoo today!

Me: Sounds fun! What did you see?

Student: Bears and fake horses

Me: Oh, you mean zebras?

Student: No! Fake horses!

Me: Did it have white and black stripes?

Student: Yeah, a fake horse! And you want to know something else? I saw a sign and it said "zoo!" 

Ms. Meghan:
A student of mine said to me, “Wait, so you aren’t married, but you are a teacher?”

Ms. Katelynn:
One of my students said “give me some sugar” and leaned in for a kiss!


Check back next month for a new addition to the Staff Series!