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Friday, May 12, 2017 by Renee Howe

Easton’s Swimming Adventures: Week #5

Easton’s Swimming Adventures: Week #5 

Easton No Goggles-557009-edited.jpg

Look mom, no goggles!! That was the highlight of our latest swimming adventure with Miss Lisa. Before we started lessons I thought that giving my child goggles would get him excited about the whole process, but in hindsight, I believe I have imposed a slight crutch for him to use. Because his swim class is small, REALLY small, only-2-other-kids kind of small, there isn’t even a need for them because of the splashing and rough water…the reason during our previous lessons…is pretty non-existent. Because he’s not fighting the water, he’s more likely to actually put his whole face in…
which by the way we are also doing now! The top of the head is still a work in progress.

Easton No Goggles 2-611975-edited.jpg

I can also see that Easton’s big fear of floating on his back is really beginning to fade. The technique that the teachers use to hold the kid's heads tucked closely to their own while gently gliding around and pointing out the kites so cleverly hung from the ceiling for distraction, is really giving him a sense of security so that he can learn how to float on his back.

And of course the big finish of every lesson…a trip down the slide! The last few times he’s put the brakes on before even reaching the bottom but today he plowed right into the water with Miss Lisa. He was so proud as he climbed out of the pool that it really made me smile!!