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Wednesday, November 02, 2016 by Noelle Kanitz

Staff Series #2: Practice Makes Perfect!

Staff Series #2: Practice Makes Perfect!

This month’s topic: What are some tips you could give to families to help their child practice swimming at home?

Read below for some tips from some of our veteran instructors from the Swimtastic Franklin location!


Ms. Heather:

Tip #1: Have your child lay on their back in the bathtub. Fill the tub up so that the water covers their ears. Most kids hate the back float because of water getting in their ears, so this will help them get used to the feeling. Have them balance a toy on their head to help keep them still.


Tip #2: Have your child hang off the arm of a chair or lay on their bed and practice any type of scoops. This builds muscle and flexibility.


Mr. Brandon:

The most helpful thing a parent can do is to help their child blow bubbles in the bathtub. Practicing little steps like that at home really helps a child progress faster when they come in for lessons.


Ms. Danielle:

To practice back floats, parents can get into the tub with a younger child and hold them in the floating position to get used to how it feels. For older children, have them practice unassisted floating in the tub on their own while supervised.


Remember, practice makes perfect! The more a child practices a skill at home, the faster they will move forward in their journey towards independent swimming when they attend swim lessons each week :) 

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