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Saturday, April 09, 2016 by Admin

Water Safety Awareness

Swim lessons are about more than learning strokes and techniques; they are also about learning how to be safer in and around the water. Parents, it is very important that the water safety rules learned in class be reinforced at home. The following are key water safety tips your children will learn throughout swim lessons:

Come up for air while swimming: While enjoying time in the pool, don’t spend too much time underwater. Make frequent trips to the surface to avoid shortness of breath. If you are short of breath, roll over and rest on your back to breathe.

Don’t dive into shallow water: Diving into shallow water can be very dangerous. Always observe the depth that is posted and never dive into a pool that is five feet deep or less.

Keep kicking while swimming: If you find yourself in deep water, keep kicking your feet until you return to safety.

One at a time: Always take turns when going down a water slide. Multiple people using a slide at once can be dangerous.

Read pool rules: All public swimming pools will have the pool rules posted. These rules are designed to help protect swimmers from injury. It is important to read through and follow the rules that are posted.

Stay away from ditches and drains: Pool drains and drainage ditches can be unsafe. The dangers of pool drains and drainage ditches can easily be avoided by steering clear of them.

Swim with a buddy: Swimming alone can be very dangerous. Having a buddy to keep an eye on you will help keep you safe (and vise-versa).

Walk, don’t run: Running around pool areas is a common set-up for unfortunate accidents. Walking around the pool is the best way to avoid slipping and creating unnecessary accidents.

Watch for safety: It is important to be aware of your surroundings when swimming. Make sure you watch what your fellow swimmers are doing to avoid accidental collisions and injuries.

It’s essential for parents to reinforce these rules outside of swim classes along with maintaining constant parental supervision. Staying within an arm’s length of your child at all times is one of the best ways to ensure proper safety.


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