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Friday, January 11, 2019 by Swimtastic Swim School

At Swimtastic, We Don’t Just Teach Swimming Lessons

We don’t just teach swimming lessons. We teach bravery.


We teach how to trust others; swimming can be scary but we’re here to help!

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We teach how to greet others; and say please and thank you.


We teach colors and shapes and our ABC’s!


We teach how to share.


We teach compassion and empathy by example.

We teach patience.

We teach self-confidence, positive thinking, saying ‘I can do this!’

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We teach safety and self-awareness.

We teach teamwork and lifting others up despite mistakes made.

We teach positivity with smiles, high fives, and lots of laughs and splashes.

We teach fun; no matter how the day was up until now.

We teach dedication and passion for something you love; even if it turns out to not be swimming.

We teach love; love of our kids, love for our team, and love for our community. We don’t just teach swimming lessons. 

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