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Friday, July 28, 2017 by Amanda Mihlbauer

From Swimtastic Student to Swimtastic Instructor

As a young kid, I remember my mom instilling into my head the importance of water safety. I was always in the pool growing up; my parents called me their “little fish.” I just never wanted to leave the water. I lived in a home with a pool, and my house had a pond in our backyard. Some of my very first memories of my childhood were swimming at Swimtastic in Waukesha, Wisconsin. Although I do not remember much, my mom always told me that I was one of those kids who would cry and scream for my mom. Not only was I terrified of being separated from my mom, I was also terrified of that big intense purple slide.


Fast forward a few years later, I was just a young kid (sixteen) looking for her first job. Although I stopped swimming at the young age of 8 or 9 years old, my passion for learning about water safety continued on. I remember walking in for my interview that day, and that smell of chlorine filled my nose and a million memories flashed back into my head. That pool that I used to think was “SO BIG” now looked so tiny.

Fast forward four years later, and my first job as a kid is still the best job I could have ever imagined. Every day I walk into that building I am reminded of how many lives I may have impacted. Water safety is so, so important and if there is one thing I have taught my kids over the past four years it’s the Swimtastic philosophy that being safe in and around the water is not only important for you but also everyone else around you.


I get to watch kids come in for the first time with that terrified look on their face. I get to see those same kids put their eyes in the water for the very first time and watch their eyes glow as they realize “it's not so bad after all.” I get to see kids work so hard on their reaches and kicks and then all of a sudden, they are swimming laps in the lap lane like it’s no problem. But I have to say, the absolute best thing about working at Swimtastic and teaching swim lessons, is seeing how proud their parents are of their little ones.

My passion for teaching here at Swimtastic has grown immensely over the years. There are a few students who I have taught since I first began, and teaching them again this past summer has been amazing. Even though I haven’t always been their teacher (as I have been away at school during the year) coming back each summer, to see their progression is simply amazing. I thank Swimtastic every day for shaping me into the hard working and dedicated individual I am, and the students who encourage me to be the best role model I can be.


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