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Saturday, April 09, 2016 by Admin

Baby Swimming Lessons : How Young Can I Start?

Did you know children can start swim lessons as young as six months old? In fact, this is the perfect time to introduce your little ones to the water. There are quite a few advantages to begin swimming before a child even learns to crawl. These include:

Social interaction: During a baby swim class children will have a chance to interact with their parents and other kids. The intimate time together in the warm pool water is a wonderful bonding experience for the swimmer and the parent.

Water safety: Children taught to swim as an infant are better prepared for water safety throughout life. They’re taught not only to love, but also to respect the water.

No fear: At six months old children are alert but have not yet developed a fear for the water. Starting at a young age will allow children to become comfortable with the water before they are old enough to develop these types of fears. In fact, waiting till the child is two years old creates a more challenging swim lesson.

Motor skill development: Swim lessons aid children in the development of their motor skills through techniques such as breath holding, kicking, and reaching with the arms. This leads to further progression of skills and enhances their development as a child.


While it may seem like there is nothing a 6 month old can be taught, this is not the case. There are a variety of skills that children will learn in baby swim class, including: breath holding, rolling over on their back, circle swim, and holding themselves up (that’s right – if a six-month old child falls into the pool they will actually be able to swim back to the side and hold themselves up on the edge of the pool)! This is an extremely important skill to learn, and can help protect your little one’s life when they are around water.

Parents can put their mind at ease knowing that all swimming instructors are trained and educated. With each step the instructor takes, they explain to you what they are doing and why they are doing it. At Swimtastic, we take a non-aggressive approach to teaching children; focusing on a safe, loving and comfortable environment.

Each baby is different and learns at a different pace. Baby swim classes are designed to reflect that. Classes are individualized for each child’s specific needs. Instructors are accommodating and will do whatever can be done to create a positive experience for the young swimmer. To help the transition, parents can bring bottles and toys with them into the pool to put their child at ease. Bringing familiar items into the pool helps children become relaxed and comfortable with the water.

Six months old isn’t just a good time to introduce your children to the water, it’s the perfect time. Swimming at a young age is extremely beneficial to children. It will allow them to develop a relationship with the water and is the first step in creating life-long swimmers.


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