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Saturday, August 26, 2017 by Jocelyne Gonzalez

Swimtastic Instructor Stories: TWINS!?


I was about a year into working at Swimtastic when on my schedule “the twins” appeared. They were 4 years old and I knew right off the bat that they LOVED the water (especially staying underwater and just doing their own thing) and had a lot of energy! I was excited to take them under my wings and find a way to channel all their energy into learning the right techniques.

The first couple of weeks I wasn’t sure how to handle these rambunctious, energized twins. They looked identical and I knew the first step was to figure out who was who. 😊 Luckily, I got that down right away; their personalities were different. I couldn’t get them to sit still and do the front float, etc, so I kind of just had them swimming back and forth in the pool trying to get them to get their arms out as much as I could. I saw so much potential so I decided to put flippers on them to straighten out their wild, massive kicks. I began to realize that one twin was very talented on her front but could use work on her back, and the other twin was talented on her back but could use work on her front.dancer-682443_960_720.jpg

Eventually, they started swimming with super straight arms and legs across the pool, and were ready to start learning their side breathing and elementary backstroke! They were seriously little fish who didn’t stop moving the entire 30 minutes! Thankfully they were in a semi-private class together! They are now in the lap lane and know the freestyle, backstroke, breast stroke, and butterfly! I love every second I get to spend in the water with them; they are one of my greatest accomplishments!

I have grown a bond with every one of my children and it truly makes me enjoy coming to work every day. Teaching children over the course of 3 years has really made an impact on my life! Thank you Swimtastic Swim School!

- Jocelyne Gonzalez, Swimtastic Fox Cities

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