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Monday, November 21, 2022 by Amy Boyington

Discover the Magic of Swimming All Year Round

Swimming lessons for babies, toddlers, kids, and adults have one very important feature in common: They offer loads of benefits for whoever participates. Swimmers learn to stay safe in the water, feel confident about their abilities, and discover swimming techniques designed for casual or competitive swimming, depending on their age. 

There’s no reason to make swimming a summer-only activity, though. If you search for swimming lessons near me, you might be surprised to find swim schools that operate indoors throughout the year, allowing anyone to learn at their own pace. 

4 Benefits of Year-Round Swimming to Consider as a Parent or Caregiver

Swimming provides notable physical and mental benefits to kids of all ages (adults included!). It’s one of the best full-body workouts your child can get, and it’s known to release stress while increasing brain development as children learn to coordinate their body movements to glide through the water. 

But there’s much more to year-round swimming than physical and mental perks. Here are a few reasons to enroll in swimming lessons for toddlers, kids, and adults throughout the year that you may not have considered.

1. Confidence in the Water

Whether you or your child is nervous about swimming or simply wants to build their skills, confidence building is necessary. The more you swim, the more comfortable you become in the water. Imagine the confidence boost you could get before next summer when you continue swimming lessons and activities throughout the year?

After practicing key safety and swimming skills, you might even find that you feel comfortable enough in the water to try other water sports, like surfing or diving. 

2. Long-Lasting Friendships

Participating in swim classes and activities over the summer can help children socialize when they’re out of school for the season. However, with all-year swimming, they can continue to build and maintain friendships, even when the weather is too cold to swim outside. Group swim classes tend to be close-knit, so even shy children can nourish strong relationships with kids in their age range who also love to swim.

3. Team-Building Skills

All-season competitive swim teams can teach children important lessons regarding teamwork. They learn to encourage each other, praise one another’s efforts, and work hard to support others. Even group swimming lessons can teach these concepts as children learn to motivate one another to work toward their goals, mentor each other, and give words of praise when someone learns a new skill.

4. Strong Academic Performance

Several studies have shown that aerobic exercise can improve academic performance. However, one study published in Physiological Reports found a strong link between swimming, in particular, and memory enhancement. After seven days of swimming training, researchers found that participants' long and short-term memories increased, indicating that swimming could play a role in cognition.

An article in The Conversation also notes that swimming may also affect neurogenesis, the process that forms new brain neurons and connections. This process is important for learning and memory.

Keeping the kids in swimming lessons all year might be just what they need for a successful school year.

Sign Up for Year-Round Swimming Lessons and Activities

Whether you’re interested in swimming lessons for adults or want your kids to keep building their swimming skills throughout the year, you can sign up for swimming lessons at your nearest Swimtastic facility. We offer personalized instruction to continue building skills all year