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Starting a New Activity With Your Child Can Be Tough

Posted on Jan 25, 2017 11:31:18 AM by Amy Bartek in Family Activites, in kids swimming, in Swimming lessons, in Parenting Experiences

Amy Bartek and her daughter Sawyer share their expereince from our Lincoln, NE location. 

Sawyer started her first swimming lesson on Jan 4th right after the Christmas break. I was a very nervous mother. I was uneasy about my child being in the water without me and concerned of how she was going to react and handle herself. Starting any new activity can be tough with your child, no matter if you have done this before with your other children or completely new to it like I was with swimming lessons.

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Taking a Vacation, Without Breaking the Bank

Posted on Aug 11, 2016 1:52:34 PM by Amanda Charles in Family Activites, in Travel, in Budgeting, in Explore, in Vacation

Taking a Vacation, Without Breaking the Bank

We all need a vacation and some time to just soak in the freedom of fewer obligations.  For many, a vacation is a far-off dream that entails sitting by a salty sea with their feet in the sand.  And while that sounds relaxing, there is a lot of time, energy and money that goes into making that dream a reality. There are special supplies to buy, bags (and kids!) to pack, plane tickets to purchase and connecting flights to rush towards, hotels to check into and often a schedule of activities to keep the kids engaged.  Whew!  That sounds like a lot of work and a lot of dollars go into the popular idea of a vacation (and unless you are a superstar budgeter - much more than you might plan).  Here are some tips that can help your family “take a vacation” that requires a lot less stress but still has a whole lot of fun and relaxation packed in:

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Jumping into the Deep End of Life: Swim Lessons & Childhood Development

Posted on Jun 23, 2015 3:07:31 PM by Admin in Swimming, in Family Activites, in social skills, in Sports, in parenting, in Child Health, in Confident Kids, in Development, in Fun, in self esteem

Jumping into the Deep End of Life: Swim lessons as a way to maximize childhood development

Mommy blogs, dad blogs, parent blogs, parent boards on Pinterest, books, seminars, workshops – everywhere you turn, resources for being the best parent you can possibly be are vying for your attention. They offer help and encouragement to create a super kid who will handle every challenge with grace and ease. But, asks that little voice in your head, what if you take the wrong advice? What if you don’t follow enough advice? What if you don’t participate in enough activities or the right activities?

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