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Swimtastic's Curriculum Enhancement

Posted on Sep 17, 2018 3:06:57 PM by Laura Dravenstott in Kids Swimming Lessons, in Swimming lessons, in Teaching Swim Lessons, in adult swim lessons, in curriculum

Streamline Brands is excited to announce the rollout of our enhanced learn to swim curriculum across our family of swim schools: Swimtastic, SafeSplash, and SwimLabs. With a refined emphasis on safety, stroke technique and making swim lessons fun, our enhanced curriculum and true skill progression deliver clear value to students and parents. These attributes, along with our revamped instructor training, teaching aids and technologies, differentiate our swim schools from the rest of the learn to swim market.

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Practice Tips for the Intermediate Swimmer

Posted on Jul 13, 2018 5:41:06 PM by Laura Dravenstott in Swimming lessons, in Practice, in Swimming tips from an instructor, in training tools

In this blog post, we’ll discuss necessary gear, practice tips, and exercises for intermediate swimmers.

Swim gear can be simple: a suit, towel, sunscreen, goggles (refer to blog “Tips for Beginners” for more information on goggles) and a swim cap for those with long hair. Remember, it’s still important to swim where a lifeguard is present or to always have another person in the water or close by.

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The Difference Between Pools at the Olympics and Swimtastic Pools

Posted on Oct 25, 2017 10:10:00 AM by Dorian Capers in indoor pool, in Swimming lessons, in Swimtastic, in Positive Expereinces, in Olympics, in Swimming Community

Sometimes it's hard to imagine the life of a swimming athlete from the outside. What does a gym at 5 AM really look like anyway? But we all have something that links us to Olympic swimmers and that something is we all hate jumping in cold pools!

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Swimtastic Instructor Stories: TWINS!?

Posted on Aug 26, 2017 7:20:00 AM by Jocelyne Gonzalez in Swimming lessons, in Twins, in What to Expect from Twins, in Swimtastic, in Teaching Swim Lessons, in children learning

I was about a year into working at Swimtastic when on my schedule “the twins” appeared. They were 4 years old and I knew right off the bat that they LOVED the water (especially staying underwater and just doing their own thing) and had a lot of energy! I was excited to take them under my wings and find a way to channel all their energy into learning the right techniques.

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How Swimming Lessons Made Family Vacations That Much Better

Posted on Jul 22, 2017 8:00:00 AM by Mandy Ruys in Toddlers, in Babies Swimming, in Parent Tot Classes, in Swimming lessons, in Swimtastic, in Parenting Experiences, in parenting, in Baby Swim, in Family Vacations, in Parent-N-Me

My son started swimming lessons when he was 6 months old. I remember being extremely excited about enrolling him in his first “activity,” but that all faded when he had no reaction to his swim class at all. He didn’t cry, but he definitely didn’t smile. He was unsure about the whole situation! His eyes were huge and he looked shocked during the whole first class. Like he wanted to say, “Mom, where are we and why is it so loud in here!” It took him a while to really enjoy swim lessons. He was a very quiet, calm, and shy baby. 

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Easton’s Swimming Adventures: Week #3

Posted on Apr 12, 2017 12:49:49 PM by Renee Howe in Kids Swimming Lessons, in Swimming, in Swimming lessons, in Swimtastic, in Parenting Experiences, in mom, in Water, in swimming goals

Easton’s Swimming Adventures: Week #3

Week 3 started with so much excitement on the car ride over that I felt like I needed to run every red light just to get Easton there before it faded. Of course, his excitement was in part due to his assumption, (an incorrect one), that he was going to get another water gun from the Swimtastic “store” like he did after his first lesson. I did have to dash his hopes on that but did offer up a package of cookies from their snack area as a consolation prize. Surprisingly, he was cool with it. 

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Our First Swimtastic Swim Lesson: Easton and His Swimming Adventures

Posted on Mar 24, 2017 12:00:00 PM by Renee Howe in kids swimming classes, in swim instructor, in Swimming lessons, in kids, in New Adventures, in Positive Expereinces, in Parents, in mom, in Water, in kids and parents

Our First Swimtastic Swim Lesson:
Easton and His Swimming Adventures

My son Easton is 4…”4 and will be 5 when Santa Clause comes” if you ask him. Easton LOVES to be in the bathtub but hates absolutely everything to do with getting water on or near anything above his neck. Washing this child’s hair is a 10-minute negotiation and strategic discussion of how I plan to successfully avoid any moisture hitting his face, God forbid his eyes. So when we planned our first go at swimming lessons I had very low expectations. We signed up for the $35/8-week session at a local fitness facility and it was a disaster. He had minimal, (meaning none), pool experience, and the parents were required to get IN the water with the kids: not my idea of fun. (Turns out I don’t like splashing either). There were 10 kids in our class along with at least 4 other classes going on around us. Add to that all of the parents and siblings waiting along the edge and facility members in the hot tub and you’ve got a noise level that made it nearly impossible to hear our instructor. The only thing Easton wanted to do was hang onto the edge and play with the dive toys.

Clearly, cheaping out on swimming lessons was an epic fail so I decided to try a new style of lessons and found Swimtastic.

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What Do You Need to Pack for Swim Lessons?

Posted on Mar 17, 2017 11:00:00 AM by Amy Bartek in Swim Lessons, in Swimming lessons, in Parenting Tips, in kids, in Swimtastic, in Swimming tips from an instructor, in Parents, in mom, in Swim Tips

Have you ever gotten to an activity like swim lessons at Swimtastic and you think you have everything you need, but as soon as you arrive it is so clear you are not prepared? I have always prided myself on being organized since I have had children, but even when I think I have everything I NEVER do. I always think I am “one of the moms” that has it together but it is blatantly obvious I do not. When I take my kids to any sort of activity I am always the mom with things falling out of my bag and someone behind me saying “hey you dropped this.” Or I am the mom that is digging in the bag looking for that one thing you didn’t pack, like an extra hair tie. After tearing apart your whole bag you realize you don’t have one and take your ponytail down and give the hair tie to your daughter. So now your whole bag is on the floor and your hair is a complete mess because that ponytail you were rocking was hiding the un-brushed hair from this morning. A complete picture of a mom who does NOT have it together. This is all okay and no one judges you at Swimtastic but why not make it easier on yourself?

If you are like me, taking your kids to swimming lessons for the first time can be stressful. From your kid crying of fear and your anxiety going through the roof, I decided to make a list of things to remember so you will be the parent that has it together instead of the one that is picking up debris.

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Starting a New Activity With Your Child Can Be Tough

Posted on Jan 25, 2017 11:31:18 AM by Amy Bartek in Family Activites, in kids swimming, in Swimming lessons, in Parenting Experiences

Amy Bartek and her daughter Sawyer share their expereince from our Lincoln, NE location. 

Sawyer started her first swimming lesson on Jan 4th right after the Christmas break. I was a very nervous mother. I was uneasy about my child being in the water without me and concerned of how she was going to react and handle herself. Starting any new activity can be tough with your child, no matter if you have done this before with your other children or completely new to it like I was with swimming lessons.

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Swimming Lessons for Dogs

Posted on May 25, 2016 4:24:10 PM by Barrett Wainscott in Exercise, in Swimming lessons, in Smart Fish Swim In Schools, in Dogs, in Therapy, in Relaxation

Swimming Lessons for Dogs

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