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Wednesday, October 25, 2017 by Dorian Capers

The Difference Between Pools at the Olympics and Swimtastic Pools

Sometimes it's hard to imagine the life of a swimming athlete from the outside. What does a gym at 5 AM really look like anyway? But we all have something that links us to Olympic swimmers and that something is we all hate jumping in cold pools!

Listen to Olympic swimmers express our collective angst of the cold plunge!

Imagine if the pool was warm though?

Wouldn't swimming and swim lessons be awesome in a warm, heated pool? Perhaps somewhere between a nice 80-90° water in a climate controlled environment? Dream no longer my friends: Swimtastic has such a pool temperature! All of our lessons are in heated pools for the comfort of you and your little swimmers. Some people are missing out! I guess we can't all swim in Swimtastic pools! (Or can we?)

Bonus: Are you a swimming athlete because this video is #Relatable

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