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Thursday, December 08, 2016 by Admin

Aqua Pilates: 5 Key Benefits

Pilates is a form of exercise that puts emphasis on correct form and breathing techniques. A particular type of pilates that has been growing in popularity is aqua pilates, which takes the exercise out of the gym and into the pool. Aqua pilates classes are great for all ages and provide many benefits, both physical and physiological, such as:

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  1. Conditions the Entire Body: Aqua pilates is designed to increase flexibility, core strength, balance and stability. In addition to your heart and muscles, working out in water is also great for your internal organs and lymphatic system. Not to mention, it’s the ideal workout to cut off inches around the waistline. With a variety of different weights available the intensity level of the program can range from first-time beginners to the most advanced, challenged athletes.
  2. Comfortable and Fun Environment: Since aqua pilates classes occur in the pool, participants are able to avoid overheating during their workout! The pool also adds an extra level of fun, making the workout more enjoyable! An indoor pool can provide a comfortable workout arena year-round!
  3. Less Risk of Injury: Because the workout takes place in the pool, there is less risk of injuries caused by loss of balance. The water allows participants to engage in activities that would be more difficult out of the pool.
  4. No Need To Be An Expert: Aqua pilates classes don’t require you to be a master swimmer. On the contrary, even novice swimmers can participate, as the exercise doesn’t involve any actual swimming and the water is only at chest level.
  5. Less Limitations: Those who may not be able to participate in traditional pilates due to weight issues, joint issues, or injuries can still participate in aqua pilates. It allows you to strengthen your muscles without stressing vulnerable joints. The warm pool water is a fantastic environment for those with restrictions, such as arthritis, who want to experience a full workout without worrying about flaring joint pain. Instructors are also able to work with you to create modified exercises for people with health restrictions.

Regardless of your age or medical record, aqua pilates is a fun way to experience a full body workout. If you are looking for a fun and beneficial new way to exercise aqua pilates may be the perfect fit for you.


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