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Thursday, March 22, 2018 by Dorian Capers

Before They Were Winners, They Were Beginners

Did you know that when he was young, Michael Phelps was afraid of having water on his face? The old saying, "You have to start somewhere", has always rung true. Sometimes it is easy to forget that every amazing athlete, no matter their current prestige, started as a beginner and understanding how preliminary steps, lessons, and small time races can build to the world record shattering results is its own challenge for wouldbe superstars.  If you are just starting out, when the going gets tough, you might just need some inspiration. Here are 3 videos from USA Swimming and The Olympic Channel that tug the heartstrings and remind us that behind every champion is a story of a kid with a dream.

USA Swimming, Then and Now - USA SWIMMING

"USA Swimming Olympians Katie Ledecky, Missy Franklin, Michael Phelps, Chase Kalisz, Leah Smith, Ryan Lochte and Simone Manuel before they were winners. Find a team and join the fun by visiting www.swimtoday.org." - USA Swimming

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When Michael Phelps Was Just a Teenager | Before They Were Superstars - The Olympic Channel

"A trip back to Baltimore to see a young Michael Phelps reveal his brutal training regime shows why the swimming legend won 23 Olympic gold medals and became the greatest swimmer of all time." - The Olympic Channel

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Rio Olympics 2016: Ask the National Team - Kids and Olympic Dreams - USA SWIMMING 

"Check out this behind the scenes bonus action with Missy Franklin, Katie Meili, and Abbey Weitzel of the USA Swimming 2016 Olympic Team in Rio." - USA Swimming

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