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Thursday, May 17, 2018 by Dorian Capers

Dream Vacation: Swimming at Pig Island?

I have a friend who is obsessed with pigs. Teacup pigs, big ol' farm pigs, pigs in leashes and tutus, she loves pigs. This would be her dream vacation. This resort provides the perfect beach company: a crew of pigs paddling out with you and your party. How does that sound to you? What animal island would you love to go to? Let us know in the comments below! 

Pig island is a special resort on the islands of the Bahamas. The entire package looks amazing, especially if you are an animal lover. Feed rock iguanas, pet stingrays, hold starfish, and of course you get to swim with pigs. Why pigs though?

How did the pigs get to Pig Beach? We don't know for sure. Big Major Cay is uninhabited and the pigs are not native to the island. Some say they were left by a group of sailors, who planned to come back and cook them. Or that the pigs swam over from a shipwreck nearby.

Wherever they came from, there are now about 20 pigs and piglets on Pig Beach. With daily visits from Bahamians and tourists, the pigs are living the easy life on Big Major Cay. - Bahamas.com

I'm convinced. If I ever take a cruise to the Bahamas, I'm definitely making a stop in The Exumas islands of the Bahamas and swimming with little piggies. <3