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Saturday, April 09, 2016 by Admin

Health Benefits of Swimming: Children & Adults

One thing that most children don’t realize, that parents can take comfort in knowing, is that swimming is great for their children’s health. While their little ones are enjoying time in the pool, they are also performing an act that has numerous health benefits. The same goes for adults as well. Swimming is often regarded as one of the best exercises for the entire body. Here are some of the reasons why:

Swimming doesn’t feel like exercise: Children who reject the idea of exercising will likely be receptive to a trip to the pool. 

Full body workout: Swimming works out the muscles in your legs, abdomen, shoulders and arms. It is one of the few activities that use the majority of your muscles.

Build endurance: Swimming helps build and tone muscles and lungs.

Disabilities: Both children and adults with disabilities can safely exercise their muscles in a pool. Underwater submersion eliminates noise and provides soothing comfort and relaxation to those with specific disabilities such as autism.

Arthritis: The warm water and reduced impact of swimming is ideal for adults with arthritis or joint pain. Swimming can relieve muscle stiffness, enhance muscle relaxation and build muscle strength.

Children with asthma: Many exercises may be difficult for children with asthma. Swimming; however, is one of the best exercises an asthmatic child can do. The moist air around the pool creates an environment that can reduce exercise induced asthma attacks.  

Burn calories: Swimming is a great way for both children and adults to stay fit. It is also a low impact exercise, making it perfect for those fighting obesity to get back into shape.

Safety: During a swim, there is less risk of injury because there is no stress on your bones, joints and connective tissues. Also, because swimming is a non-contact sport, there are fewer risks of injuries caused by collisions.

Both children and adults with the ability to swim are able to take full advantage of the many health benefits of swimming. Overall, swimming allows people of all ages to develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle.


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