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Saturday, April 09, 2016 by Admin

Reducing Child Obesity: The Role of Swimming

In September 2010 president Barrack Obama brought attention to an important issue for Americans, childhood obesity. President Obama declared September National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month. One-third of all American children are overweight or obese. This alarming statistic can lead to even more alarming consequences, which include: 

  • More and more children are developing Type-2 Diabetes, sometimes referred to as adult-onset diabetes, as a result of being overweight.
  • Most Obese children have high cholesterol levels and high blood pressure. These factors can lead to serious conditions such as heart disease.
  • Obese children can devolve sleep apnea, a sleeping disorder in which you have pauses in breathing and shallow breaths while you sleep.
  • Obese children run the risk of developing liver diseases, orthopedic problems and asthma.

More than 70% of obese adolescents continue their bad habits and keep their condition into adulthood. Luckily, there are ways to combat childhood obesity. A healthy diet and exercise is the best way for children to win the battle against obesity. One great activity for obese children to become involved in is swimming. Swimming can be incredibly beneficial to children. Here is why:

  • Swimming is fun. Children who are overweight may reject the idea of exercise, but will be receptive to the idea of swimming.
  • Swimming is a full body workout! Swimming is one of the few exercises that use most of your muscles.
  • Swimming is low impact! Overweight children who have trouble running or jogging will still be able to swim for exercise. The water will also stop them from overheating.
  • There is less chance of injury in the pool. Because objects weigh 1/10th their normal weight in water, the pool allows children to engage in activities that would be more difficult out of the water.
  • Even children who are not currently overweight can help maintain their current body type by swimming.

If your child, or if you know someone with a child who struggles with obesity, please spread the word. Swimming can help conquer the fight against obesity.


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