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Tuesday, November 28, 2017 by Amy Bartek

What Do You Need to Pack for Swim Lessons?

Have you ever gotten to an activity like swim lessons at Swimtastic and you think you have everything you need, but as soon as you arrive it is so clear you are not prepared? I have always prided myself on being organized since I have had children, but even when I think I have everything I NEVER do. I always think I am “one of the moms” that has it together but it is blatantly obvious I do not. When I take my kids to any sort of activity I am always the mom with things falling out of my bag and someone behind me saying “hey you dropped this.” Or I am the mom that is digging in the bag looking for that one thing you didn’t pack, like an extra hair tie. After tearing apart your whole bag you realize you don’t have one and take your ponytail down and give the hair tie to your daughter. So now your whole bag is on the floor and your hair is a complete mess because that ponytail you were rocking was hiding the un-brushed hair from this morning. A complete picture of a mom who does NOT have it together. This is all okay and no one judges you at Swimtastic but why not make it easier on yourself?

If you are like me, taking your kids to swimming lessons for the first time can be stressful. From your kid crying of fear and your anxiety going through the roof, I decided to make a list of things to remember so you will be the parent that has it together instead of the one that is picking up debris.

1. Swimsuit AdobeStock_40158082.jpg

I know this seems like a no-brainer but think about the swimsuit you choose and the size. Sometimes if you think your daughter is a 3T and grab that cute two piece at Target but when you put the suit on and the bottoms are falling off… think about what will happen to those bottoms when they get wet? They will be around your child’s ankles in no time. No parents want their child being the one flashing the whole swim class and observation room, but if it happens it happens, they won’t be the first or the last.

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2. Towel

This is probably the easiest one to remember because any towel will do. Just make sure to put your initials on them in case a classmate has the same towel.

3. Extra Clothing

Make sure to pack an extra dry outfit to change into afterward. I always forget to pack undies so make sure to pack those. Sawyer’s class is at 6:00 p.m. so I always pack her PJs.

4. Shower Supplies

A lot of parents have their kids take the evening swim lessons, so taking a shower afterward is an easy and quick way to get them ready for bed. Remember to pack the shampoo and conditioner. Also, if your child needs help showering still, a lot of moms wear rain boots that can get wet, especially in the winter.

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5. Bag

I have my go-to swim bag that is used only for swim lessons. It is big enough to hold a towel, extra clothing, shower supplies, and lotion. I like to try to put lotion on Sawyer before and after lessons so the chlorine in the pool won’t dry her skin out. I also like to have an extra plastic bag to put the wetsuit in to help avoid getting other things in the bag wet.

6. Wet Brush 

If you have a little girl with long hair, you need a Wet Brush. It helps to brush out those tangles as easy as possible. Once I wrestle Sawyer to stand still, brushing goes quickly and painlessly.

If you are anything like me, there will still be days where you forget or can’t find something in your bag. Remember you are not alone digging through things and dropping things on the floor. When you do drop something, a friendly parent will recognize your distress and let you know “hey you dropped this”.

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