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Do I need a swim cap? 3 Reasons why every swimmer should wear a swim cap during swim lessons!

If you have ever seen competitive swimming, you will see swimmers with there head covered. That item covering their head is a swim cap. Below are a few answers to the most frequently asked questions from our swim parents.

Shot9_KidsLearnToSwim181-11. What is a swim cap for?

Swim caps, were originally created to help competitive swimmers streamline through the water. Making them swim faster and reduce drag from their hair, which drag slows a swimmer down in the water. Even being slowed down for a second can negatively impact a swimmer’s competition results. For Swimtastic Swim lessons a swim cap is helpful in the pool even at the recreational level. Which is why we strongly urge all our swimmers to wear a swim cap. There are 2 choices in swim caps. TYR Silcone caps (look more like rubber, tighter fit and must be used for competitive swimming) and TYR Lycra caps (look more like fabric, looser fit, and are suggested for recreational swimming). To assist your swimmer putting on their swim cap have the seem of the cap go down the length of their head. Then put the front part of the cap to the swimmer’s forehead (ask your swimmer to hold it to their forehead) and next you put the swim cap up and over their head to the base of their head/neck.


2. How does it help my swimmer?

Swim caps help our smart fish swimmers in many ways. First, it helps swimmers get used to the competitive swimmer gear and helps them become confident lifelong swimmers. Second, during lessons it will help minimize get your swimmer’s hair wet. Which means less excess water to worry about when changing after swimming which can get clothes wet and/or get your car all wet when leaving after. Third, it helps for swimmers with sensitive hair and scalp types by minimizing the pool chlorine contacting hair or sensitive scalps. Lastly, swim caps help keep swimmers warm. Just like out of the water, people lose the most amount of heat through their head. When our hair is wet, and we are in and out of the water, we are losing even more heat. Parents you can keep your swim caps lasting even longer by drying them off. Hang them to let them dry out, add baking soda to help absorb moisture, and that will keep the silicone caps from sticking and getting ruined.

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3. Does my swimmer need a swim cap?

Yes! The Swimtastic Squad strongly suggest using a swim cap at any age, kids through adults. It not only helps your swimmer, but it also helps keep the pool drains, filters, and pumps clear of hair. Plus, they look cool, and helps make your swimmer look and feel like an official competitive swimmer. Get your TYR swim cap today! Available at Swimtastic Swim School on-site retail stores or online for our hosted LA Fitness locations.

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